A Lawyer responds to Afterlife Skeptics



Twenty five years ago I set out to investigate the evidence for the afterlife and psychic phenomena (psi). I was skeptical, having trained in materialistic psychology and been a humanist for many years.

To my amazement I found thousands of volumes of accumulated evidence of top calibre investigators including many top scientists, even nobel prize winners, SUPPORTING the afterlife.

Then I began having my own incredible personal experiences which convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the afterlife does exist.

See my website A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.

I was also surprised to find that the hardcore afterlife skeptics and debunkers had not done their homework. They simply had not read the books, talked with the experts or experienced the things I experienced.

Instead of being real skeptics - open to unbiased investigation- they were closed minded pseudo-skeptics saying “ I don’t care about the evidence, the afterlife does not exist because I don’t believe in it.”

Here are my responses to some of them:

A lawyer rebuts the giants of materialist science and negative empiricists - psychologists and other skeptics

  1. Professor Carl Sagan

  2. Professor Richard Dawkins

  3. professor's attack on EVP

  4. psychologist on NDEs

  5. Professor R Hyman

  6. Have the debunkers lost credibility in PSI?

  7. Natasha Demkina can sue

  8. the debunkers who attacked Sir William Crookes

Those who think they can rely on outdated science to support a materialist view of a universe without an afterlife and psychic phenomena are clearly misinformed.  Read more....

Dear Reader,

You have probably come to this page because you are interested in the argument that there is no afterlife. My hope is that you will find here sufficient material to awaken your curiosity, to encourage you to do your own research and to keep an open mind. As a Lawyer I am interested in EVIDENCE not beliefs. Read more...